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The Truth about Digital Marketing in 2019

Having an online presence is an integral part of maintaining success.
7 Something billion people on this rock we
call earth and it’s no wonder that competitive business is on every corner.

You have to stand out both in real life and online.

Social Media - although tiresome to most businesses - is still a vital key to being alive in your community.

Online - a community is more than a following.
It’s a pillar that keeps you up- it's your reputation, your trust, your communication, it's the the modern age Word of Mouth.

Online marketing is not just clever or sneaky sales tactics. It’s about being reliable - and helpful.

They say email marketing is dead?!?  
Well it is Dead for you if you’re sending people sh**.
Where’s the fun, where’s the help? Where is the authenticity?   

You need to tell an authentic story, your story and you need to build a community of TRUST.
There is no easy way to do this other than to walk the damn walk. It takes time and it takes effort.

The idea of relying solely on online advertising is broken. The likes of Facebook and Online SEO Gurus have have broken our trust - they have broken the trust of the consumers and so whats left for us to do? The hard work - thats what!

Help your customers - give them relevant - useful - information & become the authority of your product or service to the entire online community.

We are Seizethecity Digital Marketing.
We want to get down in your trenches and dig the dirt - move the mud of the things you don’t want to - or cant do to get your sales up.

Our job is to make your phone ring and keep your inbox full with Real people - Real customers.

Don’t trust influencers - their following ain’t buying your product or your service - be your own influencer - we’ll help you get there.

Thought provoking

What has changed in 20 years of marketing?

Social media has replaced newspaper, magazine & television advertising, but nearly everyone is  using the tools wrong.

Nothing happens until the sale takes place.

like know & trust

Social media can become a free lead generator.

make the phone ring

Marketing is like fishing

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